Shimano RD 2870 worm shaft


Shimano RD 2870 worm shaft

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Shimano RD 2870 worm shaft
Shimano RD 2870 worm shaft

Shimano RD 2870 worm shaft

Condition New Original Part.
ORIGINAL MANUFACTURED REPLACEMENT PARTS. Fishing reel replacement parts. Condition new, has been re-packaged by Rods1. Some parts were in original package but packing was old and deteriorating. All parts have a money back guaranty or replacement. Because these parts are obsolete there is always the chance part may be defective and this would have been a factory replacement back when the parts were active. Rods1 can only try to make things right if there is a problem. Before anyone has a problem I would hope to have the chance to correct issues. I can only represent the parts as is. Rods1 will do everything in its power to supply customer satisfaction when helping with purchase or anything that is associated with reel repair. Any parts that is not new will be clearly marked as such. All pictures are of the original part. There are no stock photos. (unless stated which will be rare) Rods1 prides itself on supplying good photos of parts. Email

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Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3 x .500 in


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