Pflueger RW013 Vintage Wrench Little Giant


Pflueger RW013 Vintage Wrench Little Giant

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Pflueger RW013 Vintage Wrench Little Giant Qt
Pflueger RW013 Vintage Wrench Little Giant Qt

Pflueger RW013 Vintage Wrench Little Giant

Vintage fishing reel wrenches.
Vintage fishing reel wrenches. These wrenches can be used to repairing reels are just be an addition to your collection. They are both new and used in this categories. View picture and see what the wrench looks like before making purchase. These are old and have been stored in not so good conditions. There are several brands to choose from and some unknown. If you see an unknown wrench and know who the maker is. Rods1 would like for you to contact us and share this information. Email When the wrench is new it will be stated NEW. When the wrench is used, it will be marked USED. There is a complete return policy on all item purchased at Rods1. If you purchase an item and want to return it. Just pay shipping and after receipt of product a refund will be issued. Shipping is not refundable. There will be more types of wrenches added to this category as in the future. If you don’t see it today it may be here tomorrow. Keeping checking on all products because Rods1 is adding product constantly. The most common wrenches are Shakespeare, Peen, Pflueger, and Abu Garcia. If you collect wrenches and have a picture of your collection, you can post it on our blog page.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3 x .250 in


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