Hurd 81-104 RHURD-113 spool gear 81-104


Hurd 81-104 RHURD-113 spool gear 81-104

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Hurd 81-104 RHURD-113 spool gear 81-104

Condition Fair

Use picture for reference only

This is a USED product. NOT NEW.

Rods1 sales used parts that are as shown in picture. View picture before making purchase. Sometimes the only way to get a reel working is to find a good use part. We sale use parts as an alternate way to repair a reel for your customer or your collection. Used parts can be cleaned and polish without hurting the collection value in more modern reels. (This may not be true with older reels). The part shown in picture can be enlarged for a better view. Rods1 will take returns on all parts, ( no question ask). You just have to pay shipping and handling. On some older reels a good use part is all that is available. These parts are no longer manufactured, so the only resource we have is finding a new part in some shop some where. Or find a good use part.



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