Bronson Lashless model No 1700


Bronson Lashless model No 1700

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Bronson Lashless model No 1700
BRONSON REEL COMPANY Bronson was well known to make reels by the thousands. the Bronson Reel Co. was one of the largest reel makers of their time. Their slogan for years was “Reels Sell By The Thousands”. They made hundreds of different model reels, many of them “trade” reels. These were often identical in every respect to one of their regular models, but re-branded with a different model name for a particular retailer or wholesaler.

View pictures to determine condition. This reel is a Vintage reel (Not New). If you have any question contact Rods1

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Weight .300 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 in


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