Hurd Supercaster Reel Parts

Hurd Supercaster Reel Parts.

Just started adding Hurd reel parts to shop inventory. Look on left side bar for Hurd and click on link.

These hard to find parts will help make that reel of yours complete again, or replace parts that are damaged and missing.

Rods1 will add to this inventory with more parts to choose from soon.

Use this picture for reference only. This parts breakdown is post on every parts page for Hurd parts.

Hurd Paper 002.jpg


Hurd Supercaster 008.jpg


3 thoughts on “Hurd Supercaster Reel Parts”

  1. Hard to determine how many were made of the Hurd Super Caster. The ones with wood handle were made only from 1945 – 1946. There had plastic handles from 1947 – 1951.

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