Adding more parts to store inventory

In December Rods1 added another 50 types of parts. In part quantity this is about 2000 more parts. Rods1 has added parts to the following.  Zebco, True Temper, Shakespeare, and Abu Garcia/Mitchell. Rods1 will add another 500 parts before the end of December. The following categories will have parts added. Zebco, Mitchell, Shakespeare, Bronson, Mitchell, Abu Garcia, and Shimano.

Hopefully these new additions will be some of the parts you are looking for. Rods1 will continue to add parts as our inventory can be posted. The parts that will be added is for the following types of fishing reels. Spinning, Baitcasting, and Fly reels.



I love sharing information and helping others with the knowledge that I have achieved over the last 45 years. I really enjoy helping kids and young adults. Fishing is the best sport for outdoor fun and adventures. There are many things that go into this sport and taking care of rods and reels become a part of this endeavor. Unfortunately I do not have the finances to achieve this on my own. So I have to ask the fishing community for help to go forward with this program. It don’t have to be nothing more than an old reel you have no use for, but will be used for education and maybe a kids first reel.

Donations to Rods1 will be used for the purpose for teaching and helping others in the field of fishing. Not for profit donations. When Items are donated after I have received them I will evaluate what the value of the item is worth and this will be what you will get a tax credit for. An item may seem like junk to you, but this item can have a value that will be a fair market value. Old and antique items will have the best price that the item can receive in the graded condition that it is.nations cash, or items such as fishing reels, fishing rods, and lures. All items can be shipped freight collect. (If shipping is going to be more than $25.00 please contact me first ).

Langley fishing reels

The Langley Co. made aluminum aircraft parts during WWII and used that knowledge to make very fine light weight fishing reels from 1948 to 1962 when they were bought by Zebco. Zebco continued to make the 310 and 330 model bait casters and 6 of their spinning reels, which is why they bought them, to get into the spinning market.

Langley’s main selling point was their anti-inertia spool and light weight. They are great reels. They made a ton of 310 reels because they were so popular. The KC is a model marking and there were others, but KC is most common. left hand 310 ,311 & 312. The 310 has the standard 3/4″ anti-inertia spool, while the 311 has a larger 15/16″ one and the 312 is small solid shaft one at about 3/8″. Langleys are great reels to collect. There are many variations 310 A, 510 A, 330, 340, 310 Streamlite, 330 Lurecast, 350 Lakecast, 500 Reelcast, 340 Target (Narrow Spool Tournament Casting Reel); 350 Lakecast; 360 Plugcast (Narrow Spool); 370 Deluxe Lakecast; 380 Castrite.

These are the 500 series reels: 500 Reelcast; 505 Shorty (Narrow Spool); 510 Speedy; 520 Topcast; and 530 Speedcast, 520, 530 in the wrong place. The 530 is Green and the 520 is Red.

Left hand 310; 310; 311; 312; 310A,  350 and a 410 Whitecap, 444 Dyna-Matic, 490, 470,  995s : 995B, 995G, 995R.

Fly reels 166FA, 175FA, 176FA , 185FA , 191-A; 192-A 191-B, 165FA.

List above are a few of the Langley reels.

I like the Langley production reels because of the many different models and designs. They are in most cases an in-expensive reel for any collection. With the box and papers they can sell in the $40.00 to $50.00 dollar range in good condition.

I borrowed some of this information from Fishing Talk. Thank Those for the knowledge  and advice.  if you want to ask a question about a fishing rod or reel this is the site to go to.

Finding reel parts for reel repair

Helping with wording when it comes to reel part names.
There are several companies that will name the same part with the same name. Then there are these same reel manufacturers that will call the same part different names. If you take the Carriage screw from Shakespeare and go to another manufacturer. Same part is called a worm shaft, worm, cam gear, level wind gear, and other names. If you are searching for a part and use keywords, you might not find what you are looking for.
This is why using a schematic to identify parts will lead to that model and make of part. There are many reel schematics posted on the internet. Chances of you finding your reel model is good. There are several sites that have schematics available. Below is a short list.
Both these sites have a good reel schematic selection. You can do more with a part number than you can with a part name.
If you are working on a reel and cannot locate a part name or part number go to one of the many forums and post your part. Someone will help you identify with name and number. If you need more assistance email Rods1 at and we may can help you.
Thanks just a tip on reel repair.

Locating replacement parts for your vintage and old reel

Locating replacement parts for your reel.

Finding replacement parts to fix your reel can sometimes be a challenge. On old and vintage reels the parts may not be that easy to find. Sometimes a good used part may be the best you can do. If a part is broken, and a new replacement is not available but you can find an old reel for parts are the part used. This may be the best you can do till you get lucky and find a new part on Ebay or Rods1.

I have created this website with this in mind. I have many new vintage parts. I by no means have everything that will be sought after. I can look for parts that I don’t have and help with finding parts as a service from Rods1. This just requires an email or contact and I will do my best to locate the part needed.

There are after market parts that can be used to fix some things on a vintage or old reel. You have to remember that for a reel to have a value as a collection reel. All parts have to be original. If you do use a part that has been made from a source that is not original you must state this and have the reel marked in such a manner that the marking cannot be removed. When trying to sell a reel for a value that is represented as a original, and if it is not this is fraud. If you do not do this intentional is one thing, but if you do this knowing there are questionable parts then this is another matter. As in any collecting guns, lures, coins, and many other collectibles there can always be fraud. There are many very talented people in this world. These old reels back when was made buy hand one at a time. So there is no way to think that parts could not be made to fix a reel and not be original.

Reel repairs

Reel repairing and cleaning.

When making a decision to spend money on an old reel. Find out how much the reel is worth. Many production reels are of such a low value that fixing them may not be the best thing to do. In that same frame of thinking if you have a reel that is fixed and cleaned it is worth $30.00 and you only have to spend $10.00 to fix it. I would fix it and place it in your collection or sell for a small profit.

Many reels are used very little. Fished with only a couple times and set in a corner or garage. Most of these reels set and become stiff from dust and not being used. The oil and grease turns into a cake inside the reel. When you go to use it. The reel don’t sound quite right. You have a clicking noise you didn’t notice before. It don,t cast as trouble free as it once did. All these problems that have been mentioned are most likely just dirt and lack of new lubrication.

I have repaired countless reels by just cleaning them. I have had ocean reels that were green blobs come into my shop. They look like they been at the bottom of the ocean for ten years. I cleaned these reels. Changed a couple springs and drag washers. The reel was as good as new. Now I am not saying there was a lot of work involved. Cleaning reels and reel parts can become a challenge. Some parts just cannot be cleaned. You will have to replace these parts to complete the reel repair. Most of the time plastic parts will become hard and not work as they once did. These plastic parts I would replace. Such as washers, spacers, and parts that have a mechanical function.

Appearance of a reel after repair. Now that you have cleaned the reel how does it look? This is sometimes the most important part of a reel. Polishing and cleaning is something that can make or break a reel. Using a power tool on a reel is never a good idea. Good reel cleaning requires patience and time. (There will be more discussion on this topic in another post).

Rods1 buys old reels for parts, so if you have any old reels you want to get rid of, contacts us

Old and hard to find vintage reel parts

Rods1 Vintage fishing reel parts store is designed as supplier of old and hard to find parts. We are just getting started. Your feedback is welcome. Thanks Ed

Finding some parts may be a challenge. Rods1 has many avenues in which to locate parts. Sometimes a better used part or an undamaged part is the best you can hope for. Rods1 will in some cases make a handle or part customized for a reel. NOTE: (If a reel has been altered or reel does not have original parts). This should be noted and tagged on reel. Rods1 will always note and describe reel condition on all reels.



There are many people starting to become new reel collectors.  Collecting production reels are a good way to start. These reels cost very little to make a collection quickly. Buying and selling these reels helps making upgrading your collection work well and you can enjoy this great hobby without spending a lot of money.

Vintage Fishing Reels and Reel Parts