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This is Ed Bingle owner of Rods1. I have created this site and ecommerce to supply Antique and Vintage Parts to customers that are repairing and collecting old reels. I have an inventory of about 20,000 parts that are before 1959. I have about 20,00 parts that are after 1959. I am always looking and buying parts lots to build my  inventory.  As of now only about 10 % of that inventory is listed on this site. I made a point to always include a picture to each part. By doing this it is more time consuming and will require more time to post all the inventory that I have. 95% percent of this whole inventory is all new parts.

I have about 20,000 parts that need to be Identified.  95% percent of this whole inventory is all new parts.

In the near future I will be purchasing antique reels. (which a lot I have now) I will disassemble and sell for parts. When I post a part that is not new it will be posted that the part is from a used reel. On used parts the condition will be well stated.

Rods1 hopes to be the go to place for hard to find parts. Vintage parts that will bring life back into that great reel once again.

Thank You ED.


Rods1 has been cleaning and repairing reels for over thirty years. Our mission is to supply quality workmanship and professional care of all the reels that we work on.

Here you will see an inventory of old reels that are ready to fish with. Then you may see some that are being repaired.  Reels displayed are owned by Rods1. Shakespeare, Johnson, Pflueger, Penn, Shimano, Quantum, Ocean City, Bronson, Julius Von Hofe, Sears, South Bend, Hendrix, Mitchel, Abu Garcia, Garcia, True Temper, Outdoor Hardware, Abbey & Imbrie, Horrocks – Ibbotson, Sage, Orvis, and many others. Old reels for collecting and fishing have two features. One is eye appeal and the second is function. The mechanics is the first parts of having a good reel for your collection or fishing passion. The second is that it looks good. Some people may want their reel to look old and dirty in the display. But most want a reel that looks clean and sparkle. At Rods1 we can do what you want with any reel for both the mechanics and the display look.

Finding some parts may be a challenge. Rods1 has many avenues in which to locate parts. Sometimes a better used part or an undamaged part is the best you can hope for. Rods1 will in some cases make a handle or part customized for a reel. NOTE: (If a reel has been altered or reel does not have original parts). This should be noted and tagged on reel. Rods1 will always note and describe reel condition on all reels.

When making a decision to spend money on a reel. Find out how much the reel is worth. Many production reels are of such a low value that fixing them may not be the best thing to do. In that same frame of thinking if you have a reel that fixed and cleaned is worth $30.00 and you only have to spend $10.00 to fix it. I would fix it and place it in your collection or sell for a small profit. Rods1 buys old reels for parts, so if you have any old reels you want to get rid of, contacts us ed@rods1.com

Rods1 takes pride in customer service

Rods1 will do everything in its power to make a customer feel like they have had a good experience dealing with us.

ED Bingle


Past member of International Antique Tackle Association

and Florida Antique Tackle Association

Reel Technician

Repairing reels since 1991

Repairing both vintage and modern reels

Rods1 Vintage Reel Parts

Rods1 has been collecting new vintage parts for many years.

Rods1 has hundreds of vintage parts.

We will try to find that rare and hard to find part for your reel.


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